The First 15 Mompreneur morning

A lot can happen in just 15 minutes.

  • Fit in quiet time with God before your kids wake up.
  • Listen to a scripture meditation as you get dressed in the morning .
  • Align your heart with God's in prayer.
  • Enjoy a beautifully curated playlist as you brush your teeth, make breakfast for the kids, or work.

1 mompreneur-inspired guided prayer

1 devotion - read or listen

1 faith-filled playlist

1 audio scripture meditation

"This is so good!" [email protected]

"Amazing, I love the prayer for my Customers." [email protected]

"Oh my gosh, this is so awesome, and something I need to do more [of]!" ~@brennamcgowanco

I'm Deannna Mason, and I help moms rest and refresh as they turn purpose into fulfilling, sustainable income.

I've done entrepreneurship two different ways - my own way and God's way. Doing things God's way has definitely been my path to greater peace and fulfillment, and feeling connected with Him throughout my day is what has kept me focused on the things that actually matter the most.

If I had to pick my most effective business and marketing tool, it wouldn't be social media, email lists, or funnels. Relationships have been vital in building my business, and that includes continuing to nurture my most important one - my relationship with God. The Faith First Mompreneur Morning will help you do the same thing.

Making room for your faith can be simple.

And you can do it with the First 15 Mompreneur Morning.

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